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my friend brittany and I were born exactly 5 days apart, so we always try to celebrate birthdays together whenever we can! this year our birthday week fell at the same time as Spa Week and so we decided to make the most of it and spend the whole week together and take advantage of a bunch of deals going on in the city! it was the perfect little stay-cation!

monday we checked into our hotel suite at the marriott marquis in times square and grabbed some lunch at my favorite radiance tea house



then we headed to saks for manicures and some eyebrow threading…(a new adventure for both of us! we are now converts!)


and had dinner at cilantro with matt….and a GIANT bowl of guacamole!


Tuesday we woke up bright and early to be in the audience for the MARTHA STEWART SHOW!!!!!!!! holy cow i was so excited. i have watched martha for years and years since i was in high school. she is my domestic goddess hero(besides my mom of course!) i loved seeing the set, and watching the stage manager run everything and get each segment right down to the very last second! so exciting!





mario batali was on the show, so we got to watch him cook some yummy smelling pasta! there he is in the window of the kitchen…


…oh and by the way…did i mention we were in the VERY front row!? we were actually sitting ON the stage. martha could have spit on us!!! here we are in our seats…notice there is NO ONE in front of us!!!



that night we had a slumber party while watching the glee premier and got takeout in the room. which is pretty much my favorite thing ever(i wish i was eloise)


Wednesday we had a tea party at sweetiepie, downtown. it was so cute! if i owned a restaurant it would look JUST like this place! there is even a birdcage you could eat in! adorable!






Thursday was my birthday and we went to see 101 dalmations. It was really cute, but the best part was at the end when the real live dogs mowed the lawn and decorated the house! i could have seen that 100 times, and not seen the rest of the show!


then we went to dinner at cafe fiorellos, and had the best cheese of our lives.

Friday i dont have pictures of but we both got amazing hand and foot massages and then sadly britt went back to DC 😦

i would say i wish BirthdayWeek was every week, but i don’t think my tummy, or my wallet could handle it! haha i would be broke and weigh 800 lbs….but it sure was fun while it lasted 🙂

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