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monthly reading- february

in february i was still getting read for our trip to spain so i read 2 “fun” books on a spain: “flanders panel” and “a load of bull”. on the plane i read “fireflies in december”. for my personal book i read “laugh your way to a better marriage”.

i loved this memoir  (i generally love all travel memoirs) about a british guy who moves to madrid to help start vogue spain. it was a little risque in a couple spots but it was very funny and made me very excited to eat tapas for hours on end 🙂

eh. i didnt love this one but it was a decent read. its a murder mystery involving a painting and a chess game, set in madrid. the ending was a shocker but i basically skimmed through to get there because i got bored until the last couple of chapters.

absolutely loved this one. its about a white family in the deep south who brings their daughters black best friend to live with them when she has nowhere else to go. the KKK in their town starts harassing them for it, and the drama that follows was so hard to read, but the sweet moments in the book more than made up for it. great read!

loved this book! it had a perfect blend of humor and great tips on strengthening your marriage.

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Monthly Reading – January

one of my 2012 goals was to read 2 books a month: 1 for personal growth and 1 for fun. i usually read alot anyways, but i feel like i didn’t read enough personal growth books last year so this goal was a way to remind me to do that!

in january i had the honor of reading an advanced copy of my dad’s new book! (so exciting!) and i read a dangerous summer by hemingway in honor of our upcoming trip to spain.



live the dream comes out in april, and you should definitely go pre-order it now. it is full of success principles and little nuggets of wisdom on every page. i loved it, and i loved that i was able to read it before anyone else 🙂 this was a great way to start of my year of reading!

hemingway is so essential to spanish culture that i knew i had to read one of his books before my trip. a dangerous summer was the  perfect choice. it is about two of the best bullfighters in spain and it follows them through an entire summer of matches. i didnt know much about bullfighting before reading this but now i feel like if i saw a match (i wouldnt) i would know what was going on. i loved reading about the food they ate and their travels through spain.


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