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tuesday night i took husby out for his birthday present. i got him tickets to see lombardi on broadway, which is the only show he’s ever begged me to get tickets to! we had a fancy dinner at the tangled vine and then headed to times square for the show!



whoops, do over!


…that one is better!

one of the reasons we went to the show that night is because they were having a special talkback and dessert reception after that performance. this meant that the audience was filled with NFL hall of famers and current players!


this is george martin, howie long, frank gifford, roger goodell and dan lauria during the talkback…




(…see all those people in dark suits? they are members of the players care foundation, which means they are very important people)

i of course had no idea who any of them were, but husby was really excited to see all these famous players! he got a picture with a few of them (it was SUPER crowded and hard to take photos, two of them came out blurry :() (*update- i just realized i think in one of those photos tony vincent is in focus, but husby is so much shorter that it didnt focus on him, too! haha yes, we felt very small that night!)




we got these guys autographs for matt, and i got the actors autographs! dan lauria ( the dad from the wonder years) and judith light (the grandma from who’s the boss)! also, judith complimented my necklace 🙂

it was the perfect night for the two of us….sports for husby and theatre for me 🙂 lovely!

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