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happy january!


january goals:

  1. make a list of goals for 2011 and start the new year off right!
  2. read Godchicks devotional every morning (this was on an older list, i failed miserably. am excited to start the new year off right with devotionals!)
  3. have a blast showing my best friend “my” NYC
  4. start journaling again
  5. sign up for dance classes
  6. look for new housing for when our lease is up in march
  7. take an embroidery class
  8. try some new recipes in the dutch oven husby bought me for my birthday(you know, in april.)

december goals:

  1. send out christmas cards by december 1st
  2. deliver some christmas cheer to the homeless
  3. go ice skating before the crazy tourists take over**
  4. finish christmas shopping by first week of december
  5. plan christmas party details and surprises
  6. explore as many holiday markets as possible around the city!
  7. plan an itinerary for nicoles visit! 🙂
  8. soak up the sun and create family memories on our christmas cruise

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