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back in november, michelle came over for some christmas crafting and we had so much fun….and made quite the mess 🙂

i wanted to make some little favors for my christmas party, and when i saw these on one of my favorite blogs Giverslog, i knew they would be something fun to give as treats! i wont give the instructions here, because she explains it so well… but definitely go check out AmberLee’s blog and flip through some of her other posts! she has some great ideas!

here are a few pics of the messy fun!

michelle mixing up the chocolate with enthusiasm!


mmm…chocolately goodness!


it never fails! i cant ever bake…or cook…or really do anything without making a huge mess!


almost ready!


of course we had to taste test the different flavors! (we made peppermint, cinnamon, and dark chocolate- peppermint was my favorite, as usual!)


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Jewelry Making!

last night i took a hand-stamped jewelry making class at Make Workshop, and it was so much fun! 🙂 i used to work at a sterling silver jewelry store and i loved playing with the engraving machine and fixing the jewelry, etc. i am so glad i finally learned how to make some pretty things at home!

make workshop is adorable, and they offer tons of different classes in all sorts of handmade things! it was a crafty girls dream come true!



these were our supplies, i loved hammering the little stamps!


this was one of my finished products! i was pretty happy with how it came out 🙂 i definitely want to keep practicing and trying this out at home.


i am excited about trying other classes at Make and building up my crafty arensal 🙂

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